i the woman, i the man have the inalienable triune God-given right to my property


i the woman, i the man choose to self govern, to govern myself

protection of property

the primary role of any government is to protect the people and their property. the militia [people] is organized on the county, state, and federal levels.

a county populates & organizes from the people its own well-trained militia, to perform the functions of protection of its people and to coordinate a community response in times of emergency, natural disasters, etc.

non-criminal [tort] & criminal system of public biblical law

american common law courts are under the purview of the land & soil jurisdiction and the public biblical law.  these courts & their officals are populated by the state citizens of the county who participate in the closed jural assembly. trial by a jury of one’s peers is included as a option for remedy of a trespass of right of an american woman and/or an american man

we, as state citizens, volunteer to be jurors to provide the people of our county with this option.  american nationals decide to step up & serve their communities, taking the steps to qualify & declare themselves as state citizens automatically populate the jury pool committee in the closed jural assembly

liberty of travel – domestic

an american national may purchase regulation Z plates for one’s conveyance, unless he or she are using the conveyance for commercial purposes. here is the link for the z plates.

liberty of travel – international

an american national may travel unencumbered internationally.  after you complete your status correction, update your passport to reflect your standing as an american national to claim the guarantee of your right & privilege of safe, protected passage

taxation liability information

an american national who does not work for the federal government or is not a dependent of someone who works for the federal government, does not receive income from federal sources, so does not owe federal income tax

you can also submit a W4V to your employer to exempt you (& them) from paying federal income tax to the IRS.

owing of private property

an american national now truly owns their land outright, rather than being legally considered a tenant on the land under title (ie. belonging to the British Crown)

research the chain of title for your property & also obtain the original land grant and/or land patent dating back to the time of the purchase of the land from the american government. after completing the land patent process, which includes other documents, you will record the documents on jefferson county recording office. this secures your property right as a liberated woman or liberated man of the land & soil

land & soil jurisdiction document recording & publication

jefferson county is available to american nationals to record any documents that are required to be recorded & published on the public record. this includes declaration of corrected status, land patents, common carry, the 1779 form, the two witness statements, or any other land & soil jurisdiction documents that require public recording & publication on the land & soil jurisdiction.

private business protection

an american national may transition his or her business from engaging in public commerce in the private corporate world (Sea & Air Jurisdiction) to a family-owned private entity conducting trade (land & soil jurisdiction)

keeping the peace, upholding the public biblical law

american nationals on the land & soil, we the people, have the respond ability to uphold the public biblical law & keep the peace

we are the lawful employers of the foreign corporations that currently manage the corporate security aspects in our communities. our responsibility is to educate these officers and organizations on the land & soil jurisdiction concerning public biblical law as well as their responsibilities related to our jurisdiction, and to prevent or correct any interactions that result from a misunderstanding or ignorance of the different jurisdictions to find remedy for the controversy of trespass and/or transgression.

continuing education

a state national chooses continuing education as part & parcel of his or her self-governance

after you correct your status, there are more things to learn about such as our american history, to help you become more informed & more at liberty and to exercise your right & respond ability as an american

a liberated & educated society is a peaceful society!

greg paul & jon the sovereign’s way