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the only reason for any government to exist is to protect the people & the people’s right to their property — that’s it

the actual history of The united States of America unincorporated from the end of the Civil mercenary conflict to this moment has been hidden from americans through breeching of trust with evil intent and malice. as an american you deserve the protections & remedies that have been hidden for generations. the good news is that many historians & researchers have spent countless hours over the past 30+ years researching the intended lawful governmental republican structure based on self-governance & the 10 commandments which the pilgrims & our other founders set up for our best interest.

within hours of your birth, your parents registered your birth information with the STATE where you were born via a birth certificate. this registration was an act of deception & fraud. in legal terms, this act converted your status from “american” to “U.S. Citizen” &/or “citizen of the United States” as a “person”, a dead corporate entity, instead of a living women or a living man.

you may ask yourself, “what is the big deal?”

well, this “unlawful act” changed your lawful status to a legal status; from your standing in the land jurisdiction to your standing in the sea jurisdiction. rather than being recognized as “a living woman or living man on the land”, you were converted to a “person, a dead entity, lost in the jurisdiction of the Sea & AIR.” for example, a U.S. Citizen resides in the Sea jurisdiction as an indentured servant to Britain. a citizen of the United States resides in the AIR jurisdiction as a servant of the Pope.

come home — run home!! to the land & soil

the jefferson county assembly colorado provides enlightening information & education to facilitate one’s understanding of america’s situation & a simple paperwork process, adopted from a process used back in 1779, to correct your status. upon correcting & claiming your proper status as a state national, enjoy living & breathing on the land, regain your unalienable triune God-given right, set forth in writing, in the 1791 bill of rights amendment to the 1790 constitution as one of amerian’s founding documents, and participate in self-governing in our republican government of self-governance which is our birthright as americans.

With my Right Comes my Respond ability to Self-Govern

The jefferson county assembly colorado is connecting people to their birthright inheritance

we are restoring our lawful government & are asking for your participation!  our intent is not political. we are exposing the criminality of our governmental employees & lack of accountability

we are forming our lawful courts within our jural assembly and reclaim the land jurisdiction of our lawful jefferson county sheriff 


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American Nationals Are Owed The Law of Peace

we are officially owed The Law of Peace by the U.S. Military

our employees

immune from attack

their own Regulations: AR27- 161-1

declaration of independence [switching of dependence]

as american nationals we stand on the land jurisdiction under our unalienable right to our own property claiming our shift in dependence from the divine right of kings or the supremacy of the pope to total dependency on the triune God in the declaration of independence [the declaration of switching of dependence].

we are choosing to restore our lawful government & we are asking for your participation!