64 counties in colorado

the jefferson county assembly colorado seal

the seal is affixed to all lawful documents pertaining to jeffersonians and their original land jurisdiction assembly

official seal

in our efforts to restore the de jure government of the people and exercise the power of self-government that is rightfully ours, we must overcome years of indoctrination and abuse by the top-down government agents, our employees, the foreign Territorial & MUNICIPAL governments, who are under contract to serve us.

the true strength of the [get_county] county assembly colorado rests with the people, their knowledge, and solidarity of purpose. When we understand that the purpose of government is to protect us and that we are the employers, and that our government employees have contractual obligations, we can stand together to enforce those obligations. beginning with the power of one, then families, communities, and counties emerge creating an entire state, and then many states, all connected and functioning from shared knowledge, history, and vision.

the jefferson county assembly colorado

in the american system, the flow of power comes from the top down, the top being the triune God, then ”we, the people”, not the federal foreign territorial & municipal corporate governments. the fundamental unit of government in our system is the family. the most important discussions of public policy and law take place around the family table.  so, think of the assembly as a gathering point for all those family government units to sense how our assembly process works.  contributors of our assembly are equal, created living souls totally dependent on their Creator, the triune God. some contributors choose to serve in areas that benefit the whole assembly.

the way power is to flow in america

dejure land & soil government
  • triune God, King of all kings, Lord of all lords
  • people [jane ellen doe]
  • townships / parishes/ [morrison]
  • counties [jefferson] the union of 3,500+ counties
  • 50 states [colorado] created from the federation of states september 1776 known The united States of America unincorporated
  • continental congress – the voice of the living women & living men on the counties
  • Confederation of States known as The States of American unincorporated
  • then three subcontractors: Federal Republican Government subcontractor Territorial subcontractor Municipal subcontractor

the flow of power has been unlawfully inverted

defacto government
  • Federal Government [UNITED STATES, INC.]
  • Congress
  • counties [COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, INC.]
  • Municipalities [CITY OF MORRISON, INC.]
  • People [Jane Ellen Doe Inc., and/or JANE ELLEN DOE, INC. ] (STRAWMAN)

the assembly structure of the four pillars –standing committees

the open jca colorado general assembly

the open general assembly is populated by living women & living men as nationals & citizens. the general assembly is where the decision-making power of “we, the people” lies. women & men, daughters & sons of the triune God, volunteer for, and populate, the other three assemblies to carry out the day-to-day organizational structure of the business assembly [citizens], jural assembly [citizens], and militia [nationals & citizens] in our self-governing republican government. core contributors include: county director, county treasurer, county recording secretary, county public notary, county open general assembly facilitator, county open general assembly events/outreach facilitator, county general assembly land patent facilitator, county open general assembly administrative secretary, county general assembly file clerk

committees/subcommittees include: general education/new contributor orientation [digital media & tech, land patent, mortgage fraud], events/outreach, treasury [budget], records, vetting, ombudsman/oversight, general elections & quorum, and the office of the marshal at arms

the closed jca colorado jural assembly

the closed jural assembly populates from citizens to create the jury pool and other committees along with populating our lawful public courts with elected justices of the peace, bondsmen, court clerks, court recorders, marshals at arms, coroners, sheriff, sheriff deputies, troopers, & rangers. the american common law court system upholds and enforces the public biblical law & creates a check and balance system for any legislation passed by the state and federal government, through the process of jury nullification. core contributors include: county closed jural assembly facilitator, county closed jural assembly administrative secretary, county closed jural assembly law education facilitator, county closed jural assembly litigation facilitator, county closed jural assembly jury pool facilitator, county closed jural assembly records file clerk, county sheriff office administrative secretary, county sheriff office file clerk, county coroner’s administrative secretary, county coroner’s file clerk

committees/subcommittees include: law education [communication skills], sheriff outreach, jury pool, court venue, court oversight, litigation [notices], and the coroner’s office

the closed jca colorado business assembly

the business assembly is populated by statesman functioning year-round to conduct the day-to-day routine business of the general assembly including issuing public notices, overseeing use, maintenance, protection, & sale of county resources, & serving as an interface for communications with the state assembly, the federation of states, and the soon to be reconstructed confederation of states. the business assembly calls the general assembly into special session when appropriate

the business assembly also interfaces with the other counties on colorado to conduct intrastate business and trade per the general assemblies directives. core contributors include: county business assembly facilitator, county business assembly secretary, county business assembly treasurer, country open space/public lands facilitator, county business assembly payroll accountant, county business assembly file clerk

committees/subcommittees include: education & security [notices, open space/public lands], congressional

the closed jca colorado militia [people] assembly

all nationals & statesman in the county take on the respond ability to maintain the peace & uphold the public biblical law to respect the right of women & men to their own property. one’s right ends where another’s right begins. the county sheriff of the land & soil jurisdiction is the highest peace keeping official under the law in his/her county

the people of our county comprise the well-trained militia whose respond ability is to perform the function of coordinating community response in times of emergency & natural disasters, & to provide protection & self-defense in times of invasion or other encumbrances threatening the people on our county. core contributors include: county militia commander, county militia facilitator, country militia administrative secretary, county militia file clerk

committees include: education, contributors roster, provisions, operations, and militia service

3,500+ counties comprise the american assemblies

the jefferson county assembly colorado

jefferson, along with the other 3,500+ county assemblies, dba the Union unincorporated, creating the 50 state assemblies of the Federation of States dba The United States of America unincorporated, are working to reconstruct The Federal Republic, the missing american federal republican government part of the confederation of states, The States of States, dba The States of America unincorporated, on both the state and federal levels.

first, we must rebuild our 3,500+ counties. then a continental congress may convene to re-charter the unincorporated Confederation of States of States doing business as The States of America unincorporated, which was first formed March 1, 1781. The States of America then create the american branch of the federal government, the Federal Republic, in 1787 under The Constitution for The United States of America unincorporated. The Federal Republic american subcontractor went defunct in 1861 when 11 states walked out of congress choosing to not return.

this american Federal Republic has been missing-in-action since the Civil mercenary conflict & only “we the people” have the triune God-given power to reconstruct it…….

50 states of the union

the colorado flag

the current flag of colorado adopted 1911

the civil peace flag

when flown over our county buildings and at our domiciles, this flag indicates that we are both a people, a county & a state at peace

the colorado flag
peace time flag