Written and ratified in 1876, it has served as the state’s original and only constitution.

colorado encyclopedia article colorado-constitution

There are 64 Counties in the State of Colorado. Denver, the state Capital is located in Denver County.

The jefferson assembly Seal

This seal is affixed to all lawful documents pertaining to jeffersonians and their original Land Jurisdiction Assembly.

official seal

the jefferson flag

The current flag of jefferson was adopted 1911.

The US Civil Flag

When flown over our state buildings and at our domiciles, this flag indicates that we are both a people and a state, at peace.

the jefferson flag
peace time flag

Today, we State Nationals fly this flag at our homes and businesses to indicate that we recognize these locations are places of peace on the land and soil of our homes.

Most people are more familiar with Old Glory – our US Wartime Flag – also popularly referred to as “the Stars and Stripes”.  Old Glory has continued to be flown over our governmental buildings since the end of the Civil War, indicating that a “state of war” continues, as franchises of the municipal and territorial federal corporations have been running our state’s branch of government claiming “in emergency capacity” in our “absence”.

We need to finish the “Reconstruction” of our American governmental branches and resume our duties to relieve these corporations of their “presumed” contractual responsibilities.